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The way that this works is simple. We will leave you with an excerpt from one of the middle chapters. This plunges you into the story. We understand that you may not really know all of the characters or all of the sub-stories going on within the novel. That’s okay. We want your first impression.

We’re not interested in a biased review unless it is your sincere opinion. The review need not be positive. What it does need to be is honest. Do you like what you read? If so tell us why you liked it? Did it bore you? Was the writing cliche? Hard to follow? Did you hate it? Tell us why? We want the honest and most well thought out review. A negative review is an important learning tool for any author, so if you think that the book has problems don’t hold back. All reviews good, bad, or otherwise will be carefully considered.

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FROM “THE WORLD ENDERS” Book 1. (Please read this excerpt and leave us your comment as a review)

Bryner began to get reports from his scouts. A large camp with fire pits arranged in a horseshoe pattern. It appeared to be very recently abandoned. There were signs of a hasty departure. They appeared to be racing toward Birmingham through the woods.

Bryner and his trackers moved forward. They knew that if Gibbons and his people made it to the city it would be harder to fight them and there would be a lot more difficult cover to penetrate. Plus it could draw in other local bands and nomads. They had to make sure that the mercenaries were forced into a woodland firefight.

As they swept wide to form a broad skirmishing line with his top shots in the lead, a soft popping sounded a few hundred yards away and several of his men fell.


Came the yell and more people dropped from the shots fired by the sniper teams.

LAG sniper teams set up to try scoping and hunting down the mercenary snipers. As the teams lined up trying to counter, the snipers that they were now seeking had already moved back to vanish points. They were channeling out of the sight line along a gully that followed a streambed.

Ahead of them all movement had ceased. The LAG were holding low and positioning themselves for a counter attack. His mortar men now shelled the forest and hoped to damage or destroy the mercenary ambushers. The shelling blasted the area and also blew up dust and debris to cover their sudden advance. They raced forward to finish off any survivors of the shelling.

Just then explosions came from all around the troops as they rushed a minefield. Body parts and foliage flew everywhere. Shrapnel shredding anyone to close to the detonations. It was so loud that it took everyone in the front of the force a few moments to hear the screams and cries of the injured. The medics were brought forward to work on the wounded, but most were beyond medical aid. Bryner called a hold and brought forward the slaves to sweep the area. This time the slaves were blown to bits as he forced them forward. Some resisted and were shot to inspire others to press onward. They were expendable sinners who could only serve God by saving his loyal servants.   Soon his hostage count dropped to very low numbers. But at last the explosions ended. With the mine field effectively swept the LAG advanced through the narrow region and back into the cover of the closed woods.

The stream that ran along the gully was broad and shallow. As the men of the LAG surged forward a silent signal was given farther up stream and barrels of blood from animals and humans alike were broken open and dumped into the swift moving water.

To the surprise and shock of the LAG troops moving through the stream the waters ran red. They realized that it was only blood dumped into the water to scare them and to make them nervous. It would take more than a scare tactic to dissuade the Crusaders. They sent teams to find the barrel breakers and take them captive, but the mercs had vanished and left only fourteen empty barrels on the stream bank. It was a stupid scare tactic.

The LAG troops were unimpressed. The blood in their boots and socks meant nothing to them. But a few miles away the stream carried the scent to curious noses.

As the men moved forward there were more traps. Arrow traps, dead falls, explosives, and flash pots. The LAG had become much more cautious as it fought to get past snipers, traps, and then came the blasters. Gibbons’s men used a variety of hand held rocket launchers, such as FMG-148 Javelins, M72 LAWs, SMAWs, RPG-7s, MILANs, etc.

As the soldiers moved forward the missile battery began. The area was a death zone and the Crusaders scattered widely to make sure that they were less of a target. Bryner struck back with his own barrage and now his heavy gunners cut loose to clear the battlefield. When the shooting broke and the smoke filled region settled, there was no hint of movement.

As the Crusaders surged forward the destruction showed only a handful of merc bodies. But it did not make sense. Surely there were more casualties? Gibbons’s men had fallen back farther into the deeper woods. The trees and foliage were thick and the mercenary trail was not difficult to follow.

A short distance behind the Crusaders in a gully with a swift running stream dark shapes moved against the current. The yellow eyes of a large black masked face crested the bank where the blood trail left the water.

The Hellspawn surveyed the battleground and moved at a steady pace after the host before them. There was plenty of food on the march in front of them.

It was an old task that they had performed many times. The pack spread out following their powerful leader as he slunk along assessing the prey. He started to pick up the pace and the pack moved in three columns single file through the scrub and smoking combat zone.

As they cleared the second thinner patch they spread out but still kept in three formations. Their speed increased and there was an excitement in the air. Among the pack the hunters were silent and focused. The prey was close and moving into thick cover. It was the perfect opportunity to take out the stragglers and rear of the formation.

The swift motion of the pack was deadly in its efficiency. The Crusaders vanguard never realized what was happening until the beasts ripped into them. Suddenly screams and snarls erupted from the men in the brush to the rear of the group. Snarling and growling forms quickly ripped the men to shreds but the pack did not feed yet. Gunfire broke out and the dogs rushed back into the distance and vanished. Bryner ordered more of his vanguard to hunt down and eliminate the pack.

As the men formed a rear charge to find and kill the pack they didn’t see the shadows that were closing them off from behind. In the distance a few dogs made brief appearances just out of easy gun shot range. The small group darted in and out of the trees in a slow and chaotic retreat. The Vanguard moved back along the path and fired wildly into the distance and trying to take out the dogs.

They were already out of the line of sight of the main LAG host. That was when Hellspawn swarmed in with the full weight of the Birmingham pack. The Vanguard was suddenly overtaken and torn down. Their screams could be heard across the woodlands and their gunfire filled the air. But the shooting was soon over and the dogs tore almost a hundred and fifty men to shreds in minutes.

“Kent, take your men and check out what is happening with our Vanguard! Jones start sweeping south and let’s hit them from behind. Skirt around and we’ll keep them pinned down and then close the trap. Remember no shelling in the pit. We need to make sure the Reverend is safe!”

Bryner roared the orders. Pointing in the direction he was sending the men. He was trying to figure out how many dogs could create such a problem that he was loosing the numbers of men he had seen scattered and torn up behind them?

It seemed impossible. They were just dogs! He called for Stan Wicket to find out more. He had to know what was happening. Wicket was quick to come to his side.

Bryner pointed to the bodies and Stan glanced at them and nodded.

“Yeah, that’s the work of the Hellspawn sir. This was why I warned you about him. Keep the men close and tell ‘em to grow eyes in the back of their heads. These dogs ain’t simple General. The beast has a way about him. He’s a thinker!”

“Just how smart is it Stan?”

“Smart enough to avoid getting shot. Smart enough to set traps! Smart enough to lure men away and then kill them! There are a lot of dogs sir. They’re all pretty seasoned man-eaters. All hardened by hunts and combat waged on them by the locals in Birmingham!”

Bryner thought hard about what Wicket was saying.

“Traps? They’re just dogs Stan!”

Wicket shook his head.

“Respectfully sir, look around you! There’s a lot of dead men an’ women who made the mistake of thinking that very thing! If they were just dogs they wouldn’t be coming close in a combat zone. Noise an’ numbers would keep ‘em away! Or they’d linger an’ get shot. Look around you sir. Hundreds of men fired at the pack when the first attack happened. We have over fifty dead men laying here. Where are all the dead dogs? There’s almost none! Think about it sir!”

Bryner couldn’t believe it but Wicket was right. There were very few dead dogs. The human casualties however were pretty bad. The carnage was eating at him. But it just seemed surreal. An animal luring a human or many humans into an ambush? He could not wrap his mind around the concept.

It seemed more likely that the pack had simply blitzed his men and then scattered too fast to be hit by many of the startled shooters. Dogs using military strategies was a ridiculous concept. It sounded as crazy as evolution! He respected Wicket and understood his opinion, but Bryner was sure that Stan had elevated the dogs in his esteem onto a level that was well above their actual abilities. He dismissed the man and then turned his attention back to the mercs.


Skins and Skulls

John Decker once said: “There are no animals on the planet that can create more danger for a hunter than the human animal. That’s why we call them Top Game! And when you meet an armed man and ace his ass there are few better addictions than seeing that danger replaced with bounty. I can skin a man in under 5 minutes, and when I say skin him I mean a good clean even job. No fat or muscle or gristle remaining. Just a nice even hide for tanning and curing. And human skin has all sorts of uses. Great leather for many projects. But the real hat trick is getting a skull cleaned before you mud it into a pylon. If you have soapy water to boil it in you can do the whole thing in 6 hours or less. But the best way to clean it naturally is to find yourself a large ant mound and let them go to work on it.

“I never thought that these skills would come in so handy in the future. But it turns out we’re screwed. The world is going to Hell in a hand-basket, and it’s okay to take out others before they can kill you. In other words it’s my kinda world these days, and from my point of view, that’s a good thing!”

John Decker starts out in our first story as someone with his own private agenda. He is not like most of the people surviving in the aftermath of the fall of civilization. Because he was doing this sort of thing in war torn regions long before everything fell apart for the rest of the world.

To John it’s business as usual. When he encounters the main characters of the book he becomes intrigued. They are a way to break the boredom. A different kind of thrill. John is not just a killer and skinner of human beings, he’s also a well educated man. He has a degree in business, and a Masters in Sociology. He has privately researched human psychology and enjoys studying not only his victims but those few people that he has actual respect for. While these are few and far between they are not unheard of.

John has a thing about aboriginal peoples and Native Americans especially intrigue him. There is not much about them that he has not read or studied. From Clovis Man and the Meso-Indians to modern Native Americans and their culture and beliefs, John has always enjoyed learning about these peoples.

While in various geographic regions he took time away from the sport of war and hunting armed soldiers to spend time with various remote tribes and peoples in Africa, Asia, South America, and Australia. It is through many of their teachings that he learned to live off of the land. They are teachings he will always treasure.

John also spent many years learning Kick Boxing, Knife Fighting, Escrima, Kempo, and Judo. Surprisingly he tried out for the wrestling team when he was still in high school and did not make the cut. But when he had the money to pay for private instruction he did just that and soon became a very proficient fighter.

He was also a good shot with both rifles and handguns long before he coupled up with Mack and began fighting in remote regions as a soldier of fortune. His favorite music is Jazz, and Blues. He speaks Spanish and English.

John has always seen life as a game. This perception has grown stronger as he has matured and John tends to take things with a grain of salt. His humor is a bit sarcastic, but then and again so is his outlook on most of humanity. John hates stupid people. He does enjoy making them feel inept, but seldom keeps the teasing up for long before killing them. He has no patience for simple minded folks.

John also has a huge unnatural fear of wasps. Spiders and snakes do not both him but all forms of wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, and even bees freak him out. He knows to keep his phobias hidden in public. But privately the fear is very difficult for him to come to grips with.

He loves challenges. The more difficult something is, the more inclined he is to do it. He likes opponents that fight hard and are tough to kill. John has long respected strength and cunning. He feels that if there were more interesting and worthwhile people in the world, it would make killing them off a much greater issue and moral conundrum.

The World Enders book 1. Rage of the Maneaters!

WE Rage of the Maneaters!

The long awaited book “The World Enders” by Erik Brush is now published and available on Amazon or Createspace. The book is an incredible journey and adventure by a small band of people crossing the remains of the United States on foot in their quest for a stronghold that may or may not even exist any more.

Due to climate change sea levels have risen dramatically. Methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have killed off air travel and made the very air that people breathe a toxic stresser for the body. The planet is dying and everyone knows it. They also know that the mass extinction event is unstoppable. Humanity has perhaps 20 – 30 more years before it is wiped out.

Civilizations have failed and fallen worldwide and the last humans face starvation, hypercanes, storms, drought, lack of fresh water, and fatalistic predictions that have drastically shortened their already reduced life expectancy. People are divided.

Some live in fortified towns and communities. While others rove far and wide, trading, stealing, raping, murdering, and warring in order to keep their own lives just a little longer. The world is full of slavers, sadists, killers, crusaders, pirates, cannibals, mercenaries, militia, hunters, rape gangs, and worse.

And these people in the story must also face a men eating Siberian tiger, that once lived in a big cat sanctuary and hunts human prey in the southern woodlands. And if he is not bad enough, how about the Birmingham pack? Over six hundred man eating dogs are led by a massive wolf-dog hybrid known to the locals as “The Hellspawn.” Cunning and insatiable, these animals understand guns, rifles, knives, and human behavior. They will test themselves against the strongest that humanity has to offer.

And that is just the first book!