Welcome to The World Enders blog. There will be a chance for readers to get sneak peeks and learn more about the characters and creatures within the story series. The books take place in the not too distant future. The first volume is titled “Hard Crossing.” and comprises of 2 books.

Book 1 is titled “Rage of the Maneaters!”

Book 2 is titled “The Tortured West.”

In this story a small group of people are attempting to make their way from the South-Eastern remnants of the former United States to a stronghold in the Pacific North-West which may or may not even still be there. Along the way they will have to elude or overcome cannibals, slavers, militia, mercenaries, crusaders, killers, rape gangs, pirates, and deadly predators. Former big cat sanctuary animals such as the man eating Siberian tiger once called Timo, now hunts for humans with brutal efficiency and an uncanny understanding about guns and weapons. But there is also a massive dog pack led by a wolf-dog hybrid known to locals as The Hellspawn. A beast with an insatiable appetite for human flesh and a keen predatory mind. hosts of men and beasts will test the metal of the weak and make things challenging for our main characters. But in the post apocalyptic remnants of a dying world, ravaged by climate change, crossing the great Gulf of Mississippi is only the beginning. Once they head west even more twisted surprises lie in store for them.

The World Enders book 1 is available on Amazon.com in paperback or Kindel versions at the following links:



The World Enders


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