Skins and Skulls

John Decker once said: “There are no animals on the planet that can create more danger for a hunter than the human animal. That’s why we call them Top Game! And when you meet an armed man and ace his ass there are few better addictions than seeing that danger replaced with bounty. I can skin a man in under 5 minutes, and when I say skin him I mean a good clean even job. No fat or muscle or gristle remaining. Just a nice even hide for tanning and curing. And human skin has all sorts of uses. Great leather for many projects. But the real hat trick is getting a skull cleaned before you mud it into a pylon. If you have soapy water to boil it in you can do the whole thing in 6 hours or less. But the best way to clean it naturally is to find yourself a large ant mound and let them go to work on it.

“I never thought that these skills would come in so handy in the future. But it turns out we’re screwed. The world is going to Hell in a hand-basket, and it’s okay to take out others before they can kill you. In other words it’s my kinda world these days, and from my point of view, that’s a good thing!”

John Decker starts out in our first story as someone with his own private agenda. He is not like most of the people surviving in the aftermath of the fall of civilization. Because he was doing this sort of thing in war torn regions long before everything fell apart for the rest of the world.

To John it’s business as usual. When he encounters the main characters of the book he becomes intrigued. They are a way to break the boredom. A different kind of thrill. John is not just a killer and skinner of human beings, he’s also a well educated man. He has a degree in business, and a Masters in Sociology. He has privately researched human psychology and enjoys studying not only his victims but those few people that he has actual respect for. While these are few and far between they are not unheard of.

John has a thing about aboriginal peoples and Native Americans especially intrigue him. There is not much about them that he has not read or studied. From Clovis Man and the Meso-Indians to modern Native Americans and their culture and beliefs, John has always enjoyed learning about these peoples.

While in various geographic regions he took time away from the sport of war and hunting armed soldiers to spend time with various remote tribes and peoples in Africa, Asia, South America, and Australia. It is through many of their teachings that he learned to live off of the land. They are teachings he will always treasure.

John also spent many years learning Kick Boxing, Knife Fighting, Escrima, Kempo, and Judo. Surprisingly he tried out for the wrestling team when he was still in high school and did not make the cut. But when he had the money to pay for private instruction he did just that and soon became a very proficient fighter.

He was also a good shot with both rifles and handguns long before he coupled up with Mack and began fighting in remote regions as a soldier of fortune. His favorite music is Jazz, and Blues. He speaks Spanish and English.

John has always seen life as a game. This perception has grown stronger as he has matured and John tends to take things with a grain of salt. His humor is a bit sarcastic, but then and again so is his outlook on most of humanity. John hates stupid people. He does enjoy making them feel inept, but seldom keeps the teasing up for long before killing them. He has no patience for simple minded folks.

John also has a huge unnatural fear of wasps. Spiders and snakes do not both him but all forms of wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, and even bees freak him out. He knows to keep his phobias hidden in public. But privately the fear is very difficult for him to come to grips with.

He loves challenges. The more difficult something is, the more inclined he is to do it. He likes opponents that fight hard and are tough to kill. John has long respected strength and cunning. He feels that if there were more interesting and worthwhile people in the world, it would make killing them off a much greater issue and moral conundrum.