The World Enders book 1. Rage of the Maneaters!

WE Rage of the Maneaters!

The long awaited book “The World Enders” by Erik Brush is now published and available on Amazon or Createspace. The book is an incredible journey and adventure by a small band of people crossing the remains of the United States on foot in their quest for a stronghold that may or may not even exist any more.

Due to climate change sea levels have risen dramatically. Methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have killed off air travel and made the very air that people breathe a toxic stresser for the body. The planet is dying and everyone knows it. They also know that the mass extinction event is unstoppable. Humanity has perhaps 20 – 30 more years before it is wiped out.

Civilizations have failed and fallen worldwide and the last humans face starvation, hypercanes, storms, drought, lack of fresh water, and fatalistic predictions that have drastically shortened their already reduced life expectancy. People are divided.

Some live in fortified towns and communities. While others rove far and wide, trading, stealing, raping, murdering, and warring in order to keep their own lives just a little longer. The world is full of slavers, sadists, killers, crusaders, pirates, cannibals, mercenaries, militia, hunters, rape gangs, and worse.

And these people in the story must also face a men eating Siberian tiger, that once lived in a big cat sanctuary and hunts human prey in the southern woodlands. And if he is not bad enough, how about the Birmingham pack? Over six hundred man eating dogs are led by a massive wolf-dog hybrid known to the locals as “The Hellspawn.” Cunning and insatiable, these animals understand guns, rifles, knives, and human behavior. They will test themselves against the strongest that humanity has to offer.

And that is just the first book!